The Ink Spots Evolution
    (May 21, 1947 - February 18, 2018)

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The Ink Spots were probably the most influential pioneer vocal group, as well as the most commercially successful to come out of the World War II era. Of course, there were earlier groups who were very successful (such as the Mills Brothers) and others who performed during the early days of the Ink Spots (such as the Delta Rhythm Boys and the Charioteers), but the format of the high tenor lead accompanied by the "talking" bass was really introduced by the Ink Spots. Marv Goldberg has written the definitive history of the Ink Spots in his 1998 book, "'More Than Words Can Say". In it, he gives a detailed history of the pre-Ink Spots and early Ink Spots groups. Death, World War II, and personality clashes all led to the demise of the original group. The purpose of this site is to continue the story in the form of a family tree with photos and artwork of the many groups that followed.

This has not been an exact science and there was no attempt to put things in strict chronological order (the way members jumped around from group to group has made the exact order of things somewhat debatable). I have researched all available information and any comments / corrections or suggestions are welcome to this ever-growing tree.

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